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When Visiting an Auto Repair Center for the First Time, Have a Look Around!

signWhen you’re looking for a new automotive repair center, you can begin by judging a book by its cover. As you drive in, look around. You can tell a lot about how professional the business is by the condition they keep the shop in. As you pull in, look to see if the parking lot is neat and clean. Is there a clear area for you to park? Can you see the other cars that are waiting to be worked on? Are they parked in a logical order, or are they scattered throughout the lot?

Are the lights, the signs and any awnings kept up and in good condition? Or are they broken, ragged, and yellowing? If there’s a sign about a big sale in the window and you can tell it’s been there for awhile, it’s not really a sale, is it? Either that or the sale is long since over and they just haven’t bothered to take the sign down. Neither are good indications that it’s a business that prides itself in dealing with its customers in a professional manner.

As you go inside the repair shop, keep looking for more indicators of how this service center does business. Can you see into the service bays? Most garages now have clear windows from the waiting area to the service areas, so you can see your vehicle while it’s being worked on and check out the condition of the shop. It’s bound to be a little dirty, it is the nature of the job, but is it still tidy? Are tools, parts, and equipment put away and properly stored? Are there dirty rags lying all over the floor? Do the technicians have proper uniforms on, or are they wearing whatever dirty work clothes they had at home? Also check to see if the waiting area looks inviting and makes you want to sit while you wait for your car, or its diagnosis.

The appearance of a business should tell you a lot about how the company conducts business with its customers. While you don’t have to expect celebrity treatment, the repair shop should show you that they care enough about you to make sure you have a comfortable wait and that your car will be in a clean and professional environment while it’s being worked on. You may not always want to judge a book by its cover but in the case of an automotive repair center, it’s not a bad place to start.

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