Check Engine Light Diagnostics

dreamstime_s_38397071Here are the top 5 most commonly encountered “check engine” light repairs, according to Monroe Automotive repair database. In compliance with our diagnostics most of these repairs has greater to do with longevity problems than damaged parts.

Let’s face the facts, motor vehicle drivers are grasping their cars almost at some point, which is precisely why it’s so important to fix small obstacles before they end up in much more expensive repairs.

The primary most common fix is “replace Oxygen Sensor.” The O2 sensor monitors the quantity of uncombusted oxygen in the exhaust and utilizes your car’s computer when there is either too much, or not sufficient enough fuel. Consequently what’s it suggest to you personally? An absolute faulty O2 sensor costs less than $200 to fix but can lead to as much as a 40 percent reduction in gas mileage if not taken into account.

The Second most popular repair is “replace loose, damaged or missing gas cap.” Plainly tightening the cap for free or changing it for a couple dollars is the resolve, however if left unchecked may end up in a 0.5% decrease in gas mileage and harm the environment.

The third most common car repair is “Replace catalytic converter(s)”, but it shouldn’t even be in the top 10. A catalytic converter usually won’t fail unless of course a different one part – such as a faulty spark plug, is not taken into account for too long. This is definitely a great example of why it’s so critical to regard small problems timely. A damaged catalytic converter will cost $1,000 or higher to fix.

The fourth common repair is “replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor.” The MAF sensor is responsible for calculating the air coming into your car and pinpointing the volume of fuel to shoot into the engine. When malfunctioning, it might lower MPG by 10 to 25%. It costs about $375 to repair, but is significant to saving dollars at the pump.

Subtle but important the spark plug is the fifth. The reason for igniting a car’s air or fuel ratio, spark plugs are vital. Once they fail, they might cause a “misfire,” reduce gas mileage, and ultimately melt or destroy your catalytic converter. For anybody who is substituting a spark plug could cost under $10. Getting it carried out by certified mechanic costs a couple hundred of dollars, but is sure to save you thousands.